Welcome to Star & Snake!


We are so very excited to be officially launching Star & Snake! It has been just under a year now since we first laid eyes on the “church house” and felt the whispers of what is surely to be a life long journey of community, art and exploration. There has been a TON of hard work put into financing its purchase, clearing out the cobwebs and tuning into what wanted to be created. And through all of it it has been very clear that this is a space created through magick and created for magick.

It has also been clear that this is a space to be shared. The vision of a sacred space where people could play, pray, study and create is a vision that we hope involves YOU. Over the next months there will be many opportunities to get involved – gardens to be planted, rooms to build, and art that needs creating. We are looking for artists, teachers and healers who would like to share their skills by holding a workshop or event and artists to apply for our first Artist Residency in June.

For starters, we ask that you please join our newsletter so we can stay in touch and help us spread the word by sharing Star & Snake with others you think will feel in line with its vision. We look forward to you joining us on this journey!

All the best,
Natan & K Lenore

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