Month: October 2015

Fall Artist Residency 2015

Timing is everything. After 2 years of planning, conversations and construction, the first Artist Residency at Star & Snake clicked into motion with the rising of a New Moon. In fact it was exactly as we sat down to our first meal together the moon began its new phase, the opening of a gateway, a perfect moment for this beginning.

Seated around the table were painter Meesha Goldberg from Oregon, author and publisher William Kiesel from Seattle, installation artist Emily Rose Michaud from Quebec, co-founder of the Star & Snake, tattoo artist Natan Alexander and myself. The energy was high as we discussed our intentions for the 2 weeks ahead. Meesha to create a painting that would go directly to the Stephen Romano Gallery, William finishing a manuscript as well as hand binding over 100 copies of the beautiful Triangular Book of St. Germain, Emily working on ideas for a solo show exploring our human relationship with rivers and water and both Natan and I working on some large scale paintings in progress as well as the continual improvements to the space. Everyone was arriving with high expectations of what they would accomplish – time is precious and we could all feel the incredible possibility of what could be manifested with our combined focus in a space crafted to hold our intentions.

Its difficult to put into words the type of energy that is created when a group of artists together dive into their separate creative processes while inside of a closed container. Over the days that followed, the group was spacey, determined, tired and ecstatic in turns. Everyone was working long hours, mostly in the quiet privacy of their separate work spaces. We would come together each night for a meal and then return again for more work. Conversations happened in passing, around the kitchen island while brewing coffee or in the occasional evening moment by the fireplace. Still, the group felt galvanized around a central mission to create.

Some where at the midpoint of the residency, the new finial for the top of the church went up. Natan had designed a snake balanced between a crescent moon and star to replace the cross that had been on top of the belfry tower. It felt so right and seemed to cement that a new aeon had begun for the space, ushered in finally by the combined energy of each artist’s intention. The day the finial went up I began painting the tiny tower room directly beneath it as an altar to Ishtar.
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.39.54 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.41.05 PM

There is not much that can be written that can’t be explained better by images, which follow. Highlights for me above and beyond the obvious of the art and connections that we created include all of our incredible co-created meals, many conversations on art and esoteric thought, diving into each others creative process during the weekly group critique, our trip to Salem for William to present on the Lunar Mansions and enjoying a brilliant show of stars almost every night. In addition to photos, below you will also find links to each artist’s website to view more of their work. We are incredibly grateful to Meesha, William and Emily for bringing their passion and vision to Star & Snake for our first artist residency. You have helped seed what we believe will be a cornerstone of new esoteric art and practice.

Art is Magic,
K Lenore Siner & Natan Alexander

William Kiesel
Meesha Goldberg
Emily Rose Michaud

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IMG_2558Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.41.26 PM
IMG_4957IMG_2491SS_WaterAltarIMG_2459 SS_AR15IMG_2500Triangle Trade