Month: December 2015

The Year Ahead

Things have finally gotten quiet here at Star & Snake – a welcome quiet after the months of construction and a busy fall schedule of events. It feels good to look around and see all the changes – the star and snake symbol replacing the cross atop the church, 2 guest rooms built, a new gorgeous kitchen better suited for communal use and the belfry turned into a space for meditation and star gazing.

The question we have been hearing is… what next? Well first, we want to encourage you to join our mailing list. This is your best way to stay up to date on what is happening, as well as receive private event invites. Briefly, our plans include 3 special celebrations, alternated with our 2 artist residencies.

For both Beltane and Samhain you can plan on decadent, invite only parties that will offer up interactive performance, music and art to fill your senses and inspire your spirit. Between the two, at the height of summer, Temple will welcome you into an immersive night of ritual, healing and celebration.

Beginning on the new moon in both June and October are our two artist residencies. Selected applicants will be hosted at the Star & Snake for 2 weeks of uninterrupted retreat and creation. From this, ideas cross pollinate, connections are made and a new community of esoteric practitioner/artists is taking shape. We are currently accepting applications for our June residency and you can find more information here.

What happens in the weeks between these events is still taking shape. A bee hive and planting some fruit trees is certainly on the list, as well as continuing to develop our apothecary room for alchemical and plant work. However, what has been and continues to be true is that Star & Snake is a vessel made to be filled with what you dream into it. As caretakers of this vessel, we want to know – do you need time for magical practice? Do you have something to teach? Are you called to perform or create at one of our events or residencies? If this space calls to you, we welcome your inquiries and offerings and look forward to hearing from you.

Art is Magick,
K & Natan