Fall 2016 Artists In Residence

The weather is just starting to cool in New Hampshire and a few impatient trees to change color. With the turning of the seasons we are looking forward to welcoming the next group of artists to Star & Snake. Please enjoy these samples of work made by this diverse group and keep an eye out the first weeks of October for what they will be creating during their time at Star & Snake! – K Lenore & Natan

Christi Dionis
Multi Media Artist and Author of Courting the Shadows
Read an excerpt of Christi’s writing here

download-1 download-2 download-3


Alec K. Redfearn
Alec K. Redfearn’s kaleidoscopic visions, anchored by his extraordinary accordion work and
sonorous vocals, exist on the fringes of pop music, songs that are as familiar and individual as snowflakes or fingerprints. While his deep knowledge of folk, classical and world music allows him to slip effortlessly from genre to genre, more often, he creates pieces that subvert established forms to produce work of startling originality.” – Cuneiform Records

Listen to a live recording of Alec’s music here

Matthew Venus
Artist, writer, sigilic magician, rootworker, witch, and magical apothecary with over twenty years of experience in practicing and teaching the magical arts. His writings and photography can be found in Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly, The Green Lovers Anthology, Qliphoth Journal and Modern Witch Magazine where he is a regular columnist. His gorgeous Tumblr page is certainly worth following for more images like those below.

img_2972 img_2974 img_2975 img_2977 img_2978 img_2979 img_2981 img_2984

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