The Vision


Dream. Create. Share. Reflect. Connect. Explore. Star & Snake invites you into a breathtaking 1900’s church and home which has been carefully and intentionally created. Whether for a personal retreat, workshop or residency we invite you to enjoy your time here as an opportunity to embrace the beauty of life and of your highest potential.


Pia Louise Capaldi, Performing at Beltane 2017


Elizabeth Shupe, 2016


The Star and Snake was founded in 2014 by two visual artists,  Natan Alexander and K Lenore Siner of Salem Massachusetts.  Since the project’s inception, their goal has been to create an inspirational space that channels and facilitates a dialogue with our greatest potential as artists and human beings.  To this end, they envisioned and undertook the creation of spaces dedicated to working intimately with the energies of both heaven and earth. Star & Snake is non denominational and inclusive – our community is one of dreamers and makers from all walks of life, orientations, abilities and ethnicities.

The Church

Built as a Catholic church in 1904 and re-sacralized as an Art Church 110 years later in 2014.  Since its rebirth, the church has hosted educational and inspirational events with a focus on expressing and investigating the core belief that Art is Magic.



Beltane,  Spring Celebration,  2017



Performance, Samhain 2017



Housed at the very apex of the  former bell tower of the church is  a special room dedicated to observing the stars. The Star & Snake’s facilities include a Celestron 11″ diffraction limited Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope that resides in the tower.  Mounted on a an equatorial wedge and equipped with a GPS Nexstar module, it is an ideal tool for both astrophotography and stargazing.   Our goal is to bring the stars and planets closer to all who come to the Star and Snake.




The Star & Snake now houses a 600′ glass greenhouse space,  dedicated to deepening our relationship to plants as medicines, teachers, and allies.   An additional apothecary space attached to the greenhouse is  dedicated to the exploration of alchemical and botanical studies and features a full inventory of laboratory glassware as well as a dedicated library computer and workspace for alchemical studies.





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