Artist Residencies

An Artist Residency at Star & Snake offers an incredible opportunity to focus on making artwork in a beautiful, intentional space, separate from the distractions of regular life. We accept artists in all mediums who’s work explores the esoteric, occult or mystical.

Artist Residencies for 2020 are free of charge. Residents are provided a private room and shared studio space. Residents are responsible for their own travel, meal and material costs.

In 2020 Star & Snake will host two residencies:

Summer: June 21st – July 15th, 2020
Fall: September 19th- October 3rd 2020

Application for the Summer 2020 Residency is now open. The application deadline for Summer is March 1st. To apply, complete this Residency Application.

Submit your application along with your work samples to with the subject line Artist Residency Application.
Paypal your application fee of $20 to

Previous Star & Snake Artists-in-residence:

Em North
Vanessa Irena
David Sater
Brian Cotnoir
Jenn Zahrt
Bryan Paul Patterson
Grant Hanna
Anka Lavriv
Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule
Christi Dionis
Meesha Goldberg
Katia Honor
William Kiesel
Emily Rose Michaud
Adam One
Alec K. Redfearn
Elizabeth Shupe
Janaka Stucky
Matthew Venus
Karin Webb

If you have any questions please contact K Lenore at


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