Star & Snake Guidelines

Please read this in full if you plan to attend an event at Star & Snake. Thank you!

The Star & Snake has been built as a vessel to cultivate creative energies. These currents – whether they manifest as art, sexuality or innovative thought – are the forming factors of our world. Through creation we manifest something new (art is magick!) and through this have the power to change the world around us.

The second mission of Star & Snake is to cultivate a community of free thinking, creative people who are joined by the above belief regardless of spiritual, sexual, economic, ethnic, gender or age differences. This being said, the Star & Snake welcomes people of all backgrounds and orientations to this and all events with the intent of the cross pollination of communities, celebration of differences and the formation of strong and healthy community of individuals.

Star & Snake is a sex positive space – by which we mean that there will positively be sex. This is not the sole focus of the event, but an element of the evening should you be so inspired. In order to make Star & Snake a safe space for each and every person, we ask that you respectfully follow the below guidelines.

These guidelines however, are just a starting point. Above and beyond all of this, it is the personal responsibility of every guest to maintain their own integrity by being clear with themselves about where their boundaries are and being able to express this to others. We are committed to creating a safe space for everyone and this begins with personal responsibility. More so, in all cases we want to hear your questions, thoughts and experiences so that we can continuously improve the safety and integrity of this sacred space.

1. Ask for consent before touching other people or property
2. Respect scenes in progress. Give people space for what they are doing and do not attempt to join a scene unless you are clearly asked to do so. Do not interrupt a scene to talk to someone involved, this includes the aftercare period after play is complete. If unclear, wait for eye contact from someone involved. (This excludes the hosts in the event of any serious issue)
3. No means no, red means stop. In all circumstances.
4. Please drink responsibly and in moderation. No hard drugs of any kind are allowed.
5. Do not engage in behavior for which you have no experience – this applies to both tops and bottoms. Specifically R.A.C.K(Risk Aware, Consensual Kink) activities such as rope suspensions.
6. Put down barriers between your body and any surface while nude or wearing a thong. All penetrative sex should happen on a barrier between the participants and any property owned by Star & Snake.
7. The kitchen and living room are designated non-play spaces.
8. Do not enter any bedrooms without permission.
9. No outdoor nudity except within the rock walls by the fire pit.
10. No photography without explicit consent of everyone in the photo.
11. If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, please ask.
12. Bring any safety concerns to your hosts.

Thank you for making this event safe and sexy for everyone!