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Fall 2017 Artist Residency

A window into what we are up to during the Fall residency!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here in Center Harbor and we have been watching the season slowly change, tree by tree. As we drink in the last days of summer, our residents have been busy creating.

Anka Lavriv, illustrator and owner of Black Iris tattoo in Brooklyn, NY, has been working on cards for a tarot deck as well as a number of beautifully delicate illustrative drawings. Her imagery draws from her Ukrainian heritage as well as intuitive insights and patterns from tattoo to traditional Mongolian fashion. Below is some work she has created in the past week.

Grant Hanna is an illustrator living in Beverly, MA who holds a Masters in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design. Sourcing his work from his study of historical magical texts, he is working on an oracle deck that depicts magical images from traditional astrology. Below are some that he has created thus far during the residency.

Meanwhile we have been working to recreate our tattoo room. Viewing tattooing as a magical act, we wanted to create a work space that reflects that. After a new coat of paint and some decluttering and then a good cleaning with salt water and sage, we set to work building a magical circle. We aligned with circle with the 4 directions and hung a mirror directly above the circle.

Natan doing the first tattoo in the new room:

An image of an artist book made by K Lenore:

And a few pictures of the beautiful land around us:

Blessings on the new season!

Art is Magic,

K Lenore & Natan

Summer 2017 Artists-in-Residence

Things are still quite wintery here at Star & Snake. The view out the window is snow and naked birch trees and the fire is going in the hearth as we write you to share about the Summer Artist Residency. This will be our fourth formal artist residency and it feels good to be sharing  with you some glimmers of what will be happening when the land and space here is once again fully alive and full of creating.

As with each round of residents, there are some wonderful overlaps in the mediums and energies each will be working with.  Below is a bit about each artist – we hope you will enjoy taking some time to investigate their work, as each is a unique and talented representation of what it means to create from a magical perspective.  We look forward to revealing more about the specific projects that each will be working on during their stay when the time comes.

Art is Magic,
K Lenore & Natan


Adam One – Seattle, WA


Adam’s description of work to be undertaken during the residency:

Invoking the Star and Snake, I would create a 5′ x 5′ piece on the wheel of time, and the cycle of the Zodiac, with a focus on constellations and actual star alignment in the night sky.  Lately my mind has been entranced with the story of Ophiuchus, the supposed 13th zodiac which only appears every 25,000 years in the procession of the equinox.  Upon its arrival, it is said, that the Golden Gate opens again in the heavens, and all souls are called back to source.  Ophiuchus is the snake bearer, and so serpentine imagery will definitely be worked into the piece along with all of the other zodiacal constellations.  The dates for the residency have a full moon right at the beginning, no better time for stargazing and pulling inspiration from nature into the work itself.

“I is Eye”, Pen, ink & gold paint on paper, 2016, Adam One


Janaka Stucky – Boston, MA


Janaka Stucky is an American poet, performer, and publisher. The founding editor of Black Ocean, as well as the annual poetry journal, Handsome, he is also the author of a few poetry collections. His poems have appeared in such journals as Denver Quarterly, Fence and North American Review, and his articles have been published by The Huffington Post and The Poetry Foundation. He is a two-time National Haiku Champion and in 2010 he was voted “Boston’s Best Poet” in The Boston Phoenix.

Janaka’s poems are at once incantatory, mystic, and epigrammatic. His esoteric & occult influences, combined with a mesmeric approach to performance, create an almost ecstatic presence on stage.

“Stucky has catapulted into the firmament of my favorite ecstatic writers alongside Diane di Prima, Bill Callahan, Hafiz, e.e. cummings, and Larkin Grimm.”



Karin Webb – Houston, TX/Boston, MA


Performance artist Karin Webb studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and graduated from Boston University, Magna Cum Laude.  Her projects and achievements are extensive and varied, but really its best to let Webb explain her work in her own words:

“I talk openly about sex and bodies. I create art that challenges the status quo while seducing the viewer; art that inspires and invites personal reflection on a variety of issues our society fails to provide open conversation about. I’ve made people laugh, cry, pass out, throw up, participate, write me a year after seeing me because they can’t shake the questions they have about what my art asks, and I’ve received standing ovations mid-performance… I work in the medium of connection, and I excel at holding a room’s attention in the palm of my hand.”

For more, watch this video of Webb’s Patreon page.


Vinsantos – New Orleans, LA

Vinsantos Facebook page

New Orleans based Drag, Musician, Performance and Visual Artist and Queer Witch. Vinsantos is the Head Mister-ess of the New Orleans Drag Workshop.

Playing with live music, via piano and vocals, the art of Drag, film, the spoken word and the visual arts, it’s hard hard to know what to expect from Vinsantos because she rarely knows herself what she has planned next. Vinsantos has had the opportunity to work across the country (and other places) with many of her favorite artist including Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Peaches Christ, David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets), Jackie Beat, Jinx Monsoon, Ben DeLa Creme, Bella Blue and practically every Drag Race and Burlesque star that’s not a total C#($*!!!!.


Fall 2016 Artists In Residence

The weather is just starting to cool in New Hampshire and a few impatient trees to change color. With the turning of the seasons we are looking forward to welcoming the next group of artists to Star & Snake. Please enjoy these samples of work made by this diverse group and keep an eye out the first weeks of October for what they will be creating during their time at Star & Snake! – K Lenore & Natan

Christi Dionis
Multi Media Artist and Author of Courting the Shadows
Read an excerpt of Christi’s writing here

download-1 download-2 download-3


Alec K. Redfearn
Alec K. Redfearn’s kaleidoscopic visions, anchored by his extraordinary accordion work and
sonorous vocals, exist on the fringes of pop music, songs that are as familiar and individual as snowflakes or fingerprints. While his deep knowledge of folk, classical and world music allows him to slip effortlessly from genre to genre, more often, he creates pieces that subvert established forms to produce work of startling originality.” – Cuneiform Records

Listen to a live recording of Alec’s music here

Matthew Venus
Artist, writer, sigilic magician, rootworker, witch, and magical apothecary with over twenty years of experience in practicing and teaching the magical arts. His writings and photography can be found in Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly, The Green Lovers Anthology, Qliphoth Journal and Modern Witch Magazine where he is a regular columnist. His gorgeous Tumblr page is certainly worth following for more images like those below.

img_2972 img_2974 img_2975 img_2977 img_2978 img_2979 img_2981 img_2984

Announcing the Spring 2016 Artists-in-Residence

We are pleased to announce the that the following artists will be taking part in the Spring 2016 Artist Residency this June. Thank you to all those who applied – it was as much a pleasure to see so many talented applications come in as it was difficult to not be able to say “Yes” to all of them.

Here is a bit about the 3 chosen artists, we look forward to sharing much more from them over the next months.

Entheo, Acrylic, Oil & Tempera on Canvas, 180cmx112com, November 2014, Katia Honor

Entheo, Acrylic, Oil & Tempera on Canvas, 180cmx112com, November 2014, Katia Honor

Katia Honor – Painting
After lifelong esoteric and shamanic practices, Katia became compelled to visually map the relationships between ethereal, esoteric, emotional and physical realms. The result is a meditation upon the places where the personal merges with the mythic, where humans reveal their divinity and where the Divine reflects within humanity.
Katia is apprenticed to Wolfgang Widmoser and follows the transmissions of technique he received from Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dali. As an alchemic labour of love, she paints the play of light upon forms through many layers of tempera and glaze.
She is the founder and benefactor of “Ecstatic Arts” non-profit social enterprise fostering conscious communities, such as establishing spiritual & creative villages at music & arts festivals, chanting circles and hosting master-artists in Melbourne and Bali through her “Visionary Art Atelier”.

“Made From Delicate Parts”, laser-sintered polyamide 3-d print, vintage anatomical model, paint, paper-clay, flocking, vintage millinery flowers,and vintage millinery flowers, 2015, Elizabeth Shupe

“Made From Delicate Parts”, laser-sintered polyamide 3-d print, vintage anatomical model, paint, paper-clay, flocking, vintage millinery flowers,and vintage millinery flowers, 2015, Elizabeth Shupe

Elizabeth Shupe – Mixed Media
Elizabeth’s work references classic illustrations of Brother’s Grimm stories, Symbolist painting, the masterpiece “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais, Victorian kitsch, and feminist deconstructions of the above. She uses a dizzying array of media: painting, drawing, and collage sit comfortably side-by-side with 3d printing technologies and modern materials such as resin, plastic, and “low” media such as beads and fabric paint. She is a graduate of the New York Academy of Art. She has shown in New York, North Carolina, Florida, and Shanghai, China, and has work in personal collections in New York, Florida, and North Carolina.

Tunnel of Ingress' oils and tempera painting, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Tunnel of Ingress’ oils and tempera painting, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule – Sculpture, Painting & Site Specific Installation
Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule is an esoteric artist in many media, including painting, writing, sculpture, sound and performance art. His ‘Tela Quadrivium’ series of alchemical art books are published by Fulgur Limited (the final volume ‘Distillatio’ June 2015); his text-based book ‘Time Fate and Spider Magic’ by Avalonia Books (UK), and The Book of Kaos Tarot from iNSPiRALink.Multimedia Press.
He is the writer-director of Australian-based Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company who have presented many major original productions based in (and updating/mutating) various ancient mythos, and he regularly performs and exhibits internationally.
His work engages with connecting the subconscious and conscious through employment of magical and mythical symbols and archetypes, as a part of the vanguard of current resurgence in esoteric arts balanced between the conceptual and the aesthetic.

The Year Ahead

Things have finally gotten quiet here at Star & Snake – a welcome quiet after the months of construction and a busy fall schedule of events. It feels good to look around and see all the changes – the star and snake symbol replacing the cross atop the church, 2 guest rooms built, a new gorgeous kitchen better suited for communal use and the belfry turned into a space for meditation and star gazing.

The question we have been hearing is… what next? Well first, we want to encourage you to join our mailing list. This is your best way to stay up to date on what is happening, as well as receive private event invites. Briefly, our plans include 3 special celebrations, alternated with our 2 artist residencies.

For both Beltane and Samhain you can plan on decadent, invite only parties that will offer up interactive performance, music and art to fill your senses and inspire your spirit. Between the two, at the height of summer, Temple will welcome you into an immersive night of ritual, healing and celebration.

Beginning on the new moon in both June and October are our two artist residencies. Selected applicants will be hosted at the Star & Snake for 2 weeks of uninterrupted retreat and creation. From this, ideas cross pollinate, connections are made and a new community of esoteric practitioner/artists is taking shape. We are currently accepting applications for our June residency and you can find more information here.

What happens in the weeks between these events is still taking shape. A bee hive and planting some fruit trees is certainly on the list, as well as continuing to develop our apothecary room for alchemical and plant work. However, what has been and continues to be true is that Star & Snake is a vessel made to be filled with what you dream into it. As caretakers of this vessel, we want to know – do you need time for magical practice? Do you have something to teach? Are you called to perform or create at one of our events or residencies? If this space calls to you, we welcome your inquiries and offerings and look forward to hearing from you.

Art is Magick,
K & Natan