Summer 2017 Artists-in-Residence

Things are still quite wintery here at Star & Snake. The view out the window is snow and naked birch trees and the fire is going in the hearth as we write you to share about the Summer Artist Residency. This will be our fourth formal artist residency and it feels good to be sharing  with you some glimmers of what will be happening when the land and space here is once again fully alive and full of creating.

As with each round of residents, there are some wonderful overlaps in the mediums and energies each will be working with.  Below is a bit about each artist – we hope you will enjoy taking some time to investigate their work, as each is a unique and talented representation of what it means to create from a magical perspective.  We look forward to revealing more about the specific projects that each will be working on during their stay when the time comes.

Art is Magic,
K Lenore & Natan


Adam One – Seattle, WA

Adam’s description of work to be undertaken during the residency:

Invoking the Star and Snake, I would create a 5′ x 5′ piece on the wheel of time, and the cycle of the Zodiac, with a focus on constellations and actual star alignment in the night sky.  Lately my mind has been entranced with the story of Ophiuchus, the supposed 13th zodiac which only appears every 25,000 years in the procession of the equinox.  Upon its arrival, it is said, that the Golden Gate opens again in the heavens, and all souls are called back to source.  Ophiuchus is the snake bearer, and so serpentine imagery will definitely be worked into the piece along with all of the other zodiacal constellations.  The dates for the residency have a full moon right at the beginning, no better time for stargazing and pulling inspiration from nature into the work itself.

“I is Eye”, Pen, ink & gold paint on paper, 2016, Adam One


Janaka Stucky – Boston, MA

Janaka Stucky is an American poet, performer, and publisher. The founding editor of Black Ocean, as well as the annual poetry journal, Handsome, he is also the author of a few poetry collections. His poems have appeared in such journals as Denver Quarterly, Fence and North American Review, and his articles have been published by The Huffington Post and The Poetry Foundation. He is a two-time National Haiku Champion and in 2010 he was voted “Boston’s Best Poet” in The Boston Phoenix.

Janaka’s poems are at once incantatory, mystic, and epigrammatic. His esoteric & occult influences, combined with a mesmeric approach to performance, create an almost ecstatic presence on stage.

“Stucky has catapulted into the firmament of my favorite ecstatic writers alongside Diane di Prima, Bill Callahan, Hafiz, e.e. cummings, and Larkin Grimm.”



Karin Webb – Houston, TX/Boston, MA

Performance artist Karin Webb studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and graduated from Boston University, Magna Cum Laude.  Her projects and achievements are extensive and varied, but really its best to let Webb explain her work in her own words:

“I talk openly about sex and bodies. I create art that challenges the status quo while seducing the viewer; art that inspires and invites personal reflection on a variety of issues our society fails to provide open conversation about. I’ve made people laugh, cry, pass out, throw up, participate, write me a year after seeing me because they can’t shake the questions they have about what my art asks, and I’ve received standing ovations mid-performance… I work in the medium of connection, and I excel at holding a room’s attention in the palm of my hand.”

For more, watch this video of Webb’s Patreon page.


Vinsantos – New Orleans, LA

Vinsantos Facebook page

New Orleans based Drag, Musician, Performance and Visual Artist and Queer Witch. Vinsantos is the Head Mister-ess of the New Orleans Drag Workshop.

Playing with live music, via piano and vocals, the art of Drag, film, the spoken word and the visual arts, it’s hard hard to know what to expect from Vinsantos because she rarely knows herself what she has planned next. Vinsantos has had the opportunity to work across the country (and other places) with many of her favorite artist including Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Peaches Christ, David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets), Jackie Beat, Jinx Monsoon, Ben DeLa Creme, Bella Blue and practically every Drag Race and Burlesque star that’s not a total C#($*!!!!.